A transitional semester

Hello and welcome to my blog!

I am going to use this blog first to document my transitional semester in preparation for my move back to the Lone Star State, and second to document my experience during my internship/fellowship next fall.

My husband and I moved to Boston shortly after I was accepted to the BU Arts Administration program about a year and half ago. Since then we have braved our first and second winter (however I am unsure as to when the second will end!), mastered the infamous Boston mass-transit system, and have been faced with the very temperamental job market more times than we would like to admit. We have come to love the city; however we miss our families and the cheap cost of living in the South, so we are going to make the big move... again!

I look forward to sharing more about my adventure with you and showing you lots of pictures of my cats.... because they are really cute!

Also, if you are having a bad day you should check out this video!

Have a great weekend!