Baby Steps

Last semester I was charged with the task of finding an internship to complete my Master’s in Arts Administration at BU. Seems simple right? It probably would be if I hadn’t had the added challenge of our decision of whether or not to move back to Texas. We moved to Boston about two years ago, and we have really enjoyed it, but Texas feels like home. While Boston remains the city with the most arts organizations per capita in the country I know that it is important that I take what I have learned back to my home state. Arts Administration is a relatively new field of study and some people feel that it isn’t necessary and most that most learn more on the job than in school. I have had the unique opportunity to work in a lower level job within my field concurrently with my study. I feel that this has been the most enriching eighteen months of my life.

Okay, back to the main point of discussion: my internship. After becoming well acquainted with the Boston art world I felt it might be better and prepare for the more challenging feat: the possibility of moving back to Austin, where I had very limited knowledge. Trying to find an internship across the country is a bit challenging. I came up with a list and then started making calls and asking questions. After a few days of research I decided to pursue an internship at the Long Center for Performing Arts.

Yesterday I met my boss.

My head is still spinning from the possibilities presented to me yesterday. We will move back to Austin in June and I will start my fellowship at the Long Center for Performing Arts. Wow, just reading that sentence triggers a whole host of emotions ranging from excitement (primarily) to nervousness.

The Long Center is celebrating its third anniversary in Austin, Texas. It occupies the space of what was formerly known as the Palmer Auditorium. After some very generous seed money from the Long family and some aggressive capital campaign funding the Long Center became a reality. It was constructed with over 90% recycled materials from the original facility that stood in its place, and it is the most state of the art performing arts center in Austin to date.

Yesterday we discussed the challenges of maintaining an arts organization in Austin in comparison to Boston, and discussed possible projects that I could work on during my fellowship. I am really excited about sharing more of the details, but would like to refrain until most of them are a bit more concrete. 

I can't wait to get started, but from today until early Friday afternoon I will be Brown-Symposium-ing! 

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